Hooray for Vanity Sizing!

I finally went shopping for some new clothes yesterday. I needed some shorts(and shirts). We went to Old Navy, and my wife took the kids upstairs to look for swimsuits while I looked for clothes downstairs. I promised her I would stay away from the graphic tees. I have a bit of a problem. Almost every wearable shirt I own is a T-shirt, and the majority of these are graphic tees. So I sucked it up and bought two shirts that actually have collars! And as a bonus, because Old Navy sizes run larger, I went down a size in shirts, and THREE sizes in pants. I kept going back into the dressing room to make sure(I hope they didn’t think I was trying to steal something!).

Anyway, my run yesterday was fine. 2.6 miles, with one walk break(~.15 miles).Today is my longer run. I’m shooting for 3.5 miles, with no break(I went~3.25 with no break last Sunday). I think it’s odd that I still take a walk break on the shorter runs, but not the longer one(I do run at a slower pace on Sundays, but not MUCH slower). Hopefully I can cut down my breaks during the week, while still increasing distance on Sundays. Too ambitious for a newbie? We’ll soon find out.

Today is a very special day for me. Twelve years ago today, I told my wife I loved her for the first time. I was a sophomore and she was a freshman at Illinois Wesleyan University. It’s amazing how some moments stand out in our minds, isn’t it?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to figure out how to get this baby food stain(Gerber sweet potatoes!) out of my carpet.

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