Building my base(and a date night!)

I ran 3.75 miles with no breaks this morning. My pace was a little slower than last week’s 3.5 mile run, but I’m really only worried about adding distance right now. Morning running is also unusual for me, but my in-laws are in town, so I actually get to go on a date with my wife tonight. Woo-hoo! We’re probably just going to play miniature golf, but any time spent with my wife is quality time!

I’m now five weeks away from the race, and I think my focus has shifted. Running is less about fitness and weight loss, and more about improving as a runner. I’m still counting every calorie I take in(though a lot of what I take in isn’t exactly high quality!), and recording all of my workouts(currently using Cardiotrainer on my Droid), but now I’m actually looking at HOW I perform. I monitor my pace, and I even try to look at split times(negative splits are definitely NOT going to happen in this first race). I still want to continue to improve my level of fitness, but it’s nice to know that I’ll probably get in better shape if I continue to do what I enjoy: Running.

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