Lesson learned

Today was my last long run before next Sunday’s 5k race. I ran 4.25 miles. I sat around all day waiting for the heat to break(the high today was 92 degrees!). I eventually went out at around 7:30, and the temperature was around 84 degrees. It was not terribly humid so I was able to get through the run without any breaks(which is the main goal of my long Sunday runs).The most important thing I learned was this: when the temperature rises, SLOW DOWN! I finally realized that I needed to slow down considerably at the start of mile 2. I’m assuming the race, which will be at 8:40 am, will be run in much milder weather, so hopefully I can be a little more aggressive. I’ll post a full report next week(I promise!)

Yesterday, I had a voice lesson for the first time in several weeks(Remember that other part of the title?). It went fairly well, but I have some technical issues that need to be resolved before I start another round of auditions this fall. I don’t want to bore everyone with the details, but I will say this: My right arm will be a little sore by the time my next lesson rolls around. Confused? You’re not alone.

To all of the Dads out there(including me, of course) Happy Father’s Day.

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