GU time!

Since my long runs are now over 5 miles, and my total time on Sundays is over 50 minutes, I’ve started experimenting with mid-run nourishment. I bought a few different items: GU gel, Clif shots, Clif Shot Blocks, and Sports Beans. I tried the GU gel on my run today. It was…interesting. I wasn’t prepared for the sweetness(the flavor was “Chocolate Outrage”) or the consistency(chocolate frosting, maybe?). After I downed the shot, I washed out my mouth w/ water, and then took a quick sip. This was also the first time that I’ve carried a water bottle during a run, and I’m thinking about getting something smaller than 22 ounces. Maybe I’ll get used it, though. As for the effectiveness of the GU, I think it made a difference. At the end of my run(5.24 miles) I was able to pick up the pace considerably. According to the data from my Garmin, my pace during the last 1/4 mile was as fast as 5:50/mile, which is very encouraging. I never have that much left in my legs, even after my mid-week “easy” runs!
Next week, I’ll try the beans. The main thing that concerns me about those? Chewing food in the middle of a run. That could be a recipe for disaster!

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