Mount Prospect Corporate Challenge 5k

This was my second 5k. My family and I are on vacation, visiting our families in Illinois. I signed up for this 5k because I wanted to stay motivated to run during vacation(Go Corn Cob Crazies!), and when I saw how flat the course was, I saw a chance for a PR. My time in my first 5k in June was 29:04, and I felt like I went out too conservatively. My goal for this race was 27:30 or better. The temperature at the start was 81 degrees, 50% humidity, and the dew point was 67 degrees. The wind was 11-12 mph, which would come into play later. This was a much smaller 5k than the last one I ran(about 285 total), so I didn’t have to navigate around huge groups of people at the start. The first mile was pretty easy. The end of the second mile was on a narrow trail, making it extremely difficult to pass anyone. I ended up getting caught behind two people, costing me about 15-20 seconds. Then the beginning of the third mile was into a headwind of 11-12 mph, and there was a very slight incline, which slowed me down a little more.The finish chute was only wide enough for one person, so I didn’t try to kick at the end, even though I had plenty left(I was behind three other people)
My final time was:
(a new PR)
(using my Garmin, there were no chips or tags)
I finished 64th overall, and 8th in my AG, which was actually 26-35, not the usual 30-39.
My splits looked like this:
Mile 1: 8:26
Mile 2: 8:48
Mile 3: 8:53
final .09: 00:38
The race goodies were pretty neat. They gave us black hats and sunglasses in honor of “The Blues Brothers”(the film’s 30th anniversary). My wife and kids were also at the race which made it even more special. My next 5k is in 4 weeks, and I’m going for another PR(25:XX hopefully). Thanks for reading this report. I hope you like the pics!

Waiting for the race to start

The race is underway!

Approaching the finish

We had to stay in a line at the finish chute(to hand in our bib tearaways in order)

The race shirt. I didn’t wear during the race(It was 100% cotton!)

Posing with my son in front of the vintage police car

The hats they gave us were made of plastic, but they were still pretty cool(even though I’m not)!

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