Newtown 5k Road Race, a new PR(still slightly disappointed, though)

I completed my third 5k on Saturday Morning. This 5k was much closer to home than the first two, but I almost missed the start. The parking was somewhat limited so we had to use a different lot, which was about 10-12 minutes away(walking). After parking and making my way over to the starting area. I had to go down a hill to pick up my chip. As I was making my way back up, I heard the whistle for the start. I was at the back of the pack, which was something I was hoping to avoid. I managed to work my way up along the side of the road and settle in to the race. My PR going in to the race was 26:46, and I was really hoping to shatter it, but given my position at the start I wasn’t sure how feasible that would be. The first mile was fairly uneventful. The second mile, I was able to pick up the pace a little bit, I even attacked a couple of hills. The third mile was my fastest, which I actually didn’t want. I should have gone out much faster than I did. At about 2.7 miles, I picked up my pace. 25:XX was still within reach. I took off with about .2 miles remaining and discovered that I had WAY too much left in the tank. My final time was:
(a new pr)
My splits were:
mile 1-8:36
mile 2-8:28
mile 3-8:10
final .1-:45

I was happy to get a new pr, but I really thought I was capable of more, so I signed up for another 5k next weekend. Maybe I’ll try to get there a little earlier. Thanks for reading my report. I only have a few pics(I don’t know if I’ll buy the official photos from this race, they are REALLY expensive!)

Hard to tell for sure, but that might be a floater!
(It’s a video screencap, so I cheated a little!)

You can’t tell from this pic, but someone fell in the chute about 15 feet ahead of me. Ouch.

Race shirt #3(cotton, but still cool!)

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