C.E.S. 5k, a new PR(sort of)

Today I ran the CES(Cooperative Educational Services) 5k in Bridgeport, CT. My goal for the race was to finish sub 24, and I felt fairly confident about that goal. My last 5k was very hilly, and I finished in 24:59. The temperature was 44 degrees at the start with a few wind gusts. The field was small(156 finishers), but the race started on a fairly narrow path, so there was some congestion at the start. After getting through that, I settled into my pace. I was surprised at how easy it felt(I guess my tempo runs are paying off?). I maintained my pace for mile two, and decided to pick it up a little at the start of mile three. With about .5 miles to go I started to pick up my pace even more. I still felt very strong at this point. I started thinking that I might be able to kick it up another notch and finish close to 23:30, but then something unexpected came up…the FINISH Line? I stopped my Garmin at 22:24, after 2.92 miles. The course was REALLY short. Oh well. I still felt good about my run, and I know I would have come in under 24 minutes in an actual 5k. The Runworks calculator said 23:54, but that assumes that my pace would  slow down over the final .19 miles instead of speed up. But I guess I’ll call it an unofficial PR?
These were my splits:
Mile 1: 7:52(narrow path for the first .4 miles)
Mile 2: 7:43
final .92: 6:48

This will be my last 5k for a while. My next two races are a 5 miler(in four weeks), and then a 10k(hopefully) in January. I’m running those in preparation for my first Half Marathon, in April.Thanks for reading my RR. I hope you like the pics.

This was the path that the race started on.  I stumbled in the sand trying to get around other runners.

I didn’t notice how beautiful the view was until the race was over.

After the race. My wife couldn’t get a finish line pic. My son slid into a puddle, and soaked his pants. We used his emergency pants last week, and forgot to restock the diaper bag, so my wife had to drive to Kohl’s to buy another pair(she’s awesome).

The race shirt. Very simple, but I think it works well.

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