Daily Mile

I’ve finally decided to give Daily Mile a try. I don’t know if there’s any advantage to using this instead of Garmin Connect, other than the social aspects of the site, so Ill continue using both…for now. I’m less than three weeks from my 5 mile race, and I feel like my training is going fairly well. I tried intervals last week for the first time, and I think alternating those with my weekly tempo runs will help me to continue getting faster. My primary goal is to finish the race sub 40, but I would really like to go under 39 (7:48/mile average) I know that I can maintain that pace for a 5K, but a 5 mile RACE is still uncharted territory for me. My long runs are currently approaching 9 miles, but my Tempo runs are only around 3.5 miles. I might try to stretch tomorrow morning’s tempo run a little farther. I’m hoping this 5 mile race will give me some idea of what to expect in my January 10k. We’ll see how it goes. Have a great day everyone.

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One Response to Daily Mile

  1. Tanya says:

    Hey – I found your blog through DailyMile when I was adding the Dec. 4th race. Looks like we will be doing the same race – so good luck with your time goal!

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