Knights of Columbus Holiday 5 miler

This morning I ran the KOC Holiday 5 Miler, in Wappingers Falls, NY. This was my first first race at a distance longer than 5k, so I wasn’t completely sure what to expect. My goal was to finish under 39 minutes. I picked up my bib and t-shirt and waited for the start. After waiting in the KOC building for about 25 minutes, the runners went out to the start. I tried to turn on my Garmin. Nothing. I charged it yesterday, but I must have turned it on at some point without realizing it. It was completely dead! So this would be my first “naked” run. I started too far back(as usual) and worked my way up gradually. As we approached mile 1, I felt good. Too good. So I picked up the pace. I eventually got into a groove and I seemed to be running with people who were keeping a fairly consistent pace. I’m normally so into my Garmin that I don’t use people as rabbits that often, but I had no choice today. There was a woman wearing pink earmuffs that pulled me along for almost 2.5 miles. I kept trying to pass her, and  finally did with about .75 miles to go. At mile 4, I heard the guy call out 30:17, so I knew sub 39 was in the bag. I started thinking about sub 38, but a nice big hill killed that dream pretty quickly. I faded, a LOT, in that last mile. I was actually passed by someone in the last half mile . That had never happened to me before(this was only my seventh race, but it was still a bit of a downer). My final time was 38:34(41st overall), an auto PR since this was my first race at this distance.
These were my splits:
Mile 1-7:52(I need to pick it up)
Mile 2-7:24(I felt great at this point)
Mile 3-7:24(still felt great)
Mile 4-7:37(I felt…ok)
Mile 5-8:17(expletive deleted)

The post race refreshments were nice. Fruit, hot dogs, bagels donuts, and cookies. My kids were there, and they inhaled those cookies! Thanks for reading this Report. I hope you like the pics!

And we’re off!

And we’re back!

And the shirt. I really like the color, and the design!

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