Getting lost is my gain

I was going to go out for 9.75 miles today, and I ended up getting lost in the middle of the run. I wasn’t really far off course, but it was enough to turn my planned 9.75 miles into 10.44 miles. Not a huge difference, but this was my first 10 miler, which is kind of cool(at least it is to me).

I made some delicious Gingerbread cookies this afternoon, and then I got ready to watch my beloved Chicago Bears. It was going to be a great day. But the Bears ended up getting HAMMERED by the Pats! What was that? Come on, Bears! Fortunately, the Packers lost, so the Bears are still in first place.

I also registered for my next race today. I going to run the Boston Buildup 10k in Rowayton(Norwalk), CT. The race is 4 weeks away, and my goal is sub 49(sub 48 is my stretch goal). The finish is uphill, so I’m try to add more hills into my training runs. We’ll see how much it helps. Have a good night, everyone.

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