Boston Buildup 10k

I ran the Boston Buildup 10k in Norwalk, CT this morning, my first 10k. My goal going in was 48:29. I’ve been fighting a cold for the past few days, so this morning I decided to just shoot for sub 49. I lined up a little too far back, as usual, and had a slow first mile. I made up time over the next three miles and then tried to hold on for the uphill finish. I faded quite a bit, but I managed to finish in 49:00(auto PR!)
These are my splits:
Mile 1-8:01
Mile 2-7:19(I would pay for this later)
Mile 3-7:33
Mile 4-7:47
Mile 5-8:02(mile 2 starts to take it’s revenge)
Mile 6-8:27(hills=HARD)
final .26-1:49(7:02/mi)

This was a very low key race. The estimate was around 400 runners, and the post race spread included bagels bananas, and Capri Sun.They also gave everyone a one year subscription to Running Times. Very cool!
Thanks for reading my RR. Have a great day everyone!

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