Cherry Tree 10 miler

I ran the Cherry Tree 10 Miler today in Prospect Park(Brooklyn, NY). My goal was to finish sub 1:20:00, and I really thought I was capable of going lower than 1:18:00. Two things conspired against me: hills and wind. The 10 mile course was approximately 3 loops of Prospect Park Dr., which meant facing a fairly challenging hill 3 times. It wasn’t a terribly steep hill, but it seemed to go on forever! And the hill always seemed to come with a headwind! I tried to take advantage of the downhills when they came, and I managed to finish in 1:19:17(chip time)
My splits were(from my Garmin):
7:14(thanks to a decent finishing kick)

I though I handled the hill well the 1st time, but the 2nd and 3rd time around, the hill(and the wind) absolutely crushed me. It looks like it’s time for some hill repeats! Thanks for reading my RR!

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