Cheshire Sea Dog 10k

I ran the Cheshire Sea Dog 10k earlier today in Cheshire, CT. I met fellow Daily Miler Susan, and her husband before the race when I picked up my bib, and I actually got to see them at the finish, too! My goals for this race were to beat my old PR(46:38 on 3/13/11), and if things were going really well make a run at 45:15 or lower. The weather was perfect. The temperature was in the mid 50s with some nice cloud cover. I started a few rows back since this wasn’t a huge race, and I really wanted to get off to a strong start. I knew there was one hill in the 5th mile that might slow me down(and it did) so I wanted to bank some time. I reached the 5k mark in 22:05, which would be a PR of about 1 minute over my current mark(not counting it, though), set 4 weeks ago. I was able to hang on and finish in 44:45(Clock time was 44:47), which is a new 10k PR by nearly 2 minutes. My splits were:
6:58, 7:05, 7:14, 7:13, 7:34, 7:01, and the final .25 in 1:38. I was very happy with how well I recovered in the last mile. I was chasing a couple of other runners, so that definitely helped. I finished 22nd overall, and 5th in my AG. I’m definitely coming back to this race next year, too. It was very well organized, and the healthy living expo was awesome! Lot’s of neat little freebies! I only have 5 weeks until my half, so I’m not sure if I’m going to make any major adjustments to my race goals or training paces, but I definitely think I can go a few minutes lower than my current goal of 1:45. I think the McMillan and Daniels calculators are a little more optimistic than I am, though! Have an awesome Sunday, everyone! I hope you like the pics!

Waving to my wife at the start because I needed to toss my hat to her!

At the finish, feeling surprisingly strong!

Post race with my commemorative pint glass! And showing love for my Cubbies, of course!

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