Stratton Faxon Fairfield Half Marathon

Ok, so this is a little late. I ran the Fairfield Half Marathon on Sunday 6/26. This was my “raciversary”, too! My first race was the 5k in Fairfield last year(I finished that race in 29:04). Going in to this race, I felt like my training had been solid, and I was ready for a big PR(this was only my second half, so anything under 1:49:23 would be a PR). I ran a 44:45 10k 5 weeks before the race, so I was thinking sub 1:40 might be possible. That definitely didn’t happen. I started out great. On pace for 1:39 through the first six miles. Those first six miles included some tough hills, too! I thought I would be ok, and I was until around mile 9. Then I started losing time, a lot of time. Smaller hills in miles 10-11 did me in, and I finished my second half marathon in 1:45:24(Garmin time, chip time was 1:45:25), 446th overall and 100th in my AG(M30-39). I was disappointed that I didn’t hit my goal, but looking back, the weather conditions (warm and humid) definitely slowed me down. I normally run so early in the morning that I haven’t had to deal with any serious heat this summer.

The other cool part about this race was that I met a few of my Daily Mile friends before(Claire and Mark) and after(Gina) the race. They all rocked it, too!

I’ve already decided on my next half. I’m going to run the Gulf Beach half marathon on September 17th, which also happens to be my birthday! How’s that for a present? 13.1 miles of pain! Bring it on! I don’t know if I’ll get that sub 1:40, but I’m going sub 1:42.

Now for a few pics.

Do you see me?

Another one from the start.

Much later in the race. I think the expression on my face says it all.

I don't think I had the energy to look up at this point

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