Mount Prospect Corporate Challenge 5k

Ok, this one is REALLY late(the race was on 8/4), but I was on vacation. This was my 2nd year in a row running this race. I finished in 27:00 last year, 64th overall. This year, I was hoping to finish in 21:30(or better).  I ended up finishing in 20:18(20:20 clock time), 8th overall and 4th in my AG(M 26-35)! This is the first time that I’ve really surprised myself in a race. Going in, I would have been thrilled with 21:30, and it was around 81 degrees at the start, so I though that would be a challenge. But after the first mile, I realized the humidity was fairly low, and I felt great, so I just went with it. The only drama came in the 2nd mile. The guy I was trailing took a wrong turn, and I briefly followed. There was a volunteer table right there, and they didn’t immediately say anything to him. They finally said something when I started to follow him, and I called out to him(I met him before the race last year, and saw him at the start again this year, so I remembered his name) to get him back on course. It actually didn’t cost me that much time, maybe 4-5 seconds, so no big deal. The third mile flew by, and I was very happy that my wife and kids tagged along for this race, so they were there to greet me at the finish. My wife did get a some pics, and she said she was surprised that I finished as quickly as I did 🙂
My splits were 6:27, 6:41, 6:41, final .09 in :27( ). This race may force me to rethink my training paces a little bit. According to my favorite training tool, the McMillan Calculator, this 5k time would put the slow end of my easy runs almost 20 seconds per mile faster that what I generally run right now! And my half marathon goal might be a little soft, but I’m definitely not making a major adjustment to that with 5 weeks to go. Have a great day, everyone! I hope you like the pics!

Waiting for the race to start, and showing my Bears pride!

Finishing strong!

Very happy after this one. Hopefully, I can go sub 20 in my next 5k(at the end of October)!

Alex and Jenna had their own race while I was out on the course!

They gave us a tech shirt this year(awesome)! It bled on my khaki shorts after the first wash(not awesome)!

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2 Responses to Mount Prospect Corporate Challenge 5k

  1. SO if I followed your blog correctly you ran a 29:00 5k last year in Fairfield, first ever road race, then just over a year later ran a 20:18 5k? That is remarkable, Alfred!

    Keep up the amazing work!


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