Gulf Beach Half Marathon, September 17th

(VERY late: I was going to wait for more pics, but I’ll just add them later)

Half marathon #3 is in the books. It was an absolutely perfect morning for a race, with temps right around 50 degrees. This was an amazingly flat course, and I took advantage of it, finishing in 1:38:43, which is a PR of about 7 minutes. I made a point of starting more conservatively than I did in my first two half marys. My first mile was 7:57, which ended up being my slowest by quite a bit. I picked up the pace over the next few miles, but I knew my stretch goal of 1:36:29 was not going to happen. I just decided to go for sub 1:39, to see if I could beat the prediction of 1:39:39 made by Dailymiler David C. 🙂 I passed 10 miles at ~1:15:00(which would be a 10 mile PR), so I knew a sub 24 final 5k would get me to the finish under 1:39. Mile 12 was my second slowest(7:42), but mile 13 was my third fastest(7:24). Coming in to the finish, they had us turn on to the beach, which was not fun. It was hard to get my footing, but I kicked it in a little bit and finished in 1:38:44. Here’s the Garmin data:
I had a great time at this race. There were some gorgeous views along the shoreline, and they had pasta and breadsticks from Olive Garden at the finish! I saw a few other DM’ers before, during, and after the race, which was awesome. I saw Dailymilers Mark J. before the race(and I think I saw him shortly after mile 1, too), and I saw Tom C. before and after the race, and I saw him coming back at the turnaround point as I was heading out(he finished top 5, and 2nd in his AG!). I was also excited because my wife and kids were there to cheer me on, which is always cool. This race was also on my 33rd birthday, so we ended up having Pizza and Ice cream cake!

At the start...

On course, feeling surprisingly strong!

the beach finish was pretty tough

heading home!

My next race is going to be a 5k on 10/29. I’m hoping to go sub 20. My last 5k was 20:18 on 8/4. It was 81 degrees that day, so I’m hoping that another 2.5 months of training and cooler temps will make the difference. We’ll see. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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