CES 5k Race 2011

I ran the CES 5k on 10/29 in Bridgeport, CT. I really wanted to go sub 20, but I didn’t quite make it. I’m still very happy with this race, though. We had some tough conditions(The snowstorm hit us pretty hard a few hours after the race)! The wind chill was 36 degrees at the start, and the temperature dropped during the race. There was also a rain/snow mix that changed over to snow after the race. I felt great at the start. For the first .35 miles, we had the wind at our back. Then we turned around. Before the turnaround, I was on target for a 6:15 first mile, but once we turned the wind, combined with the rainy snow in my face really threw me off I felt like I was running into a wall!  I knew I was going to have a tough time getting to sub 20, but I was in 5th place, and I really wanted to hold my place, or even move up. We finally hit the next turnaround at around 1.85 miles, and it was a HUGE relief! I tried to pick up the pace to see if I could at least PR(or catch the guy in 4th place), but I just missed both. I finished in 20:21, according to my Garmin. My official time was 20:23(I probably should have just started at the line for this one!) My splits were: 6:36, 6:52, 6:15, and the final .13 in 38 seconds (4:45 pace).  I finished 5th overall, and second in my AG! Going in to this race, I thought it would be my last 5k of the year, but I HAVE to give sub 20 at least one more shot! I’m going to try again on 11/20 in Stratford, CT at the Harvest Hustle. I’m getting over a chest cold, but I’m hoping a couple of missed runs won’t completely negate the fitness gains that I believe I’ve made over the last 3 months. Have a great day, everyone! I hope you like the pics!

I tried, but I couldn't catch the guy in 4th place.

with my AG award. I now have an AG win, and two 2nd place finishes

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