Harvest Hustle 5k

I’m pretty psyched about this one! I ran the Harvest Hustle 5k in Stratford, CT on 11/20, and I had a blast.  I really wanted to go sub 20, and I did it! It was 46 degrees, with a slight breeze. There were a few occasional gusts of wind, and there was one brief stretch with a noticeable headwind, but it was more than manageable. I was concerned after the first mile, because I was already 8 seconds off the pace I needed. I was still behind the pace I needed after mile 2, but I knew I was within striking distance. I was also in 5th place at this point(or so I thought), and gaining on 4th.  But once I passed the guy in 4th, I found out he was running the 10k. I picked up the pace to pass one more runner, and I was confident with ½ mile to go that I was going to get sub 20. I lost sight of the leader, but I could still see the guy that I thought was in 2nd, so I picked up the pace to try to run him down, but he was doing the 10k(he was the eventual winner), so he peeled off for another lap. So I ended up finishing in 2nd place overall, and I won my age group! My final time was 19:46. My splits were: 6:34, 6:32, 6:13, and 0:25 for the final stretch.  I’m really glad I was able to reach this goal today, because I wasn’t planning to run another 5k for at least 3 months.      Coming in to 2011, my goal was a sub 22 5k, so I’m thrilled that I was able to go sub 20! Maybe sub 19 in 2012?

I’m running a 15k on 12/17 in Central Park, but I’m not really setting a specific goal for that race, I just wanted to race in Central Park(sub 1:05 would be nice, though). And I had a minor ankle sprain last week that forced me to miss a couple of days, but hopefully I can regain that lost fitness relatively quickly. Have a great day, everyone! I hope you like the pics!

Just after the start of the race

At this point, I was pretty sure I had sub 20 in the bag!

Gotta stop the Garmin.

Gotta stop the Garmin.


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