Ted Corbitt 15k

I ran the Ted Corbitt 15k in Central Park on 12/17.  I was hoping to finish close to 1:04, but I faded a bit in the final 5k. It was around 30 degrees at the start, and I was feeling pretty good.  I think I did a good job of not going out too fast. My first mile was 7:05, 14 seconds behind my stretch goal(1:04), so I thought I would be ok. I made up time over the next three miles, and by the time I finished mile 4, I was only a few seconds off. But after the next hill, I just started to lose a little steam each mile for the rest of the race. It was strange because there weren’t any big hills, but there were enough constant elevation changes that I was never able to get into a groove. I thought I might still have a shot at 1:05:30, but I didn’t do a great job of running tangents(Garmin was probably a little off, too), so I ended up logging 9.45 miles in 1:06:29(that was my chip time and my Garmin time). My splits were:7:05,6:39,6:56,6:49,7:05,7:04,7:12,7:22,7:18, and the final .45 in 2:56. It would be easy to say that mile 8 killed me, but I really should have picked it up in mile 7(and mile 2 was about 10 seconds too fast). I think I could have, but I just didn’t. Oh well. I have a 10k on 1/8, and now I’m really looking forward to it. My current 10k PR is 44:45(set last May), and my 10k split from this race was 43:07. Hopefully I can start next year off with a big PR!

Happy to be finished! GO BLUE!!!

A floater! Woohoo!

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