Old Corner Café 5k

I ran the Old Corner Café St. Patrick’s Day 5k in Naugatuck, CT on Saturday March 10th. The wind chill was around 22° at the start of the race.  When I arrived to check in, they couldn’t find my bib, but luckily the race was chip timed. They told me it wouldn’t be an issue, and thankfully it wasn’t. I had a chance to warm up on the course before the race, so I knew it was pretty much flat(just a few subtle elevation changes). I wanted to get off to a decent start so that I could make a run at a new PR. The first mile was fairly uneventful, just a loop on the roads near the Café. For the second mile we went into a small park by the Naugatuck river for a couple of loops. This is where I probably lost a little bit of time. The first loop was fine, but during the second loop there was a bit more congestion as we tried to pass runners just starting their first loop. I had to run on the grass and gravel next to the paved trail a few times, and the footing was slightly uneven, so I may have lost a few seconds. For the third mile, we were back on the road for another loop before finishing.  Someone tried to pass me with about .6 miles to go, but he made his move a little too early, and faded back. I surged to try to catch a runner ahead of me, but I ran out room. I crossed the finished line and stopped my Garmin at 19:38, but my official time was 19:41(there was no mat at the start, just the finish), a PR by 5 seconds.  My splits were: 6:25, 6:19, 6:22, and .1 miles in 32 seconds. I finished 17th overall, and 3rd in my AG. All AG award winners over 21 years old received pint glasses, which was pretty cool. They had Corned Beef Hash and hot dogs in the Café at the finish, but I missed out on the Hash(I ran my cool down before I went in to eat).  Overall, I’m happy with this race. Marathon training was beginning to make me wonder where I was at speed-wise, so it was nice to get out and race. I just wish I’d gone out a little harder. I think I was racing to squeak out a PR, and not to see what I was really capable of. I have one more race before the NJ Marathon, and it’s a half marathon (Danbury) in 2 weeks. I’m really looking forward to that one now. Have a great day, everyone!

Holding up my AG award, a pint glass(no free pint, though)!

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