Danbury Half Marathon

I ran the Danbury Half Marathon on 4/1. This was my first chance to run a race in my current hometown. The weather was perfect, too. I think it was 44° at the start. At first, I was disappointed with my results, but after looking back on the race, I’m feeling a lot better about it. It was a very hilly course, I didn’t taper at all, and that was my third consecutive 50+ mile week. 1:34 was not going to happen. My Garmin battery was also dead(my daughter went into my bedroom and turned it on the night before), so I had to use an app on my phone(Cardiotrainer). I’m not used to carrying my phone in a race, so this threw me off a little bit. I accidentally paused the run at around 7.6 miles, so I only have accurate splits for the first 7 miles. That cost me some time, too. I didn’t realize I had slowed down when the app was paused. By the time I noticed, I had probably dropped about 40 seconds or so. And that was before I hit the hilliest part of the course! Luckily, they were shouting times at most of the mile markers, but the damage had been done. My goal for the day quickly went from 1:34, to 1:36, to just PR. I did manage to pick it up a little over the last 2 miles and finish in 1:37:10, a new PR by 1:33. My splits for the first 7 miles were 7:28,6:50,6:55,6:54,7:02,7:25,7:16. I wasn’t able to see my splits as I was running so I didn’t know how much I had sped up in miles 2-4. If I could have kept those miles at around 7:05-7:10, this would have been a much more enjoyable experience. As I was finishing, I heard someone yelling my name. I looked over, and there was fellow Dailymiler Chris, whose wife was also running the half! It was great meeting you, Chris! Take care, everyone! Less than weeks until the NJ Marathon(and less than one week until taper!)!


I really HATED carrying that phone. My arm was sore for the rest of the day!

With Chris after the race. I had sweat in my eyes, but Megan snapped the pic anyway!

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