Catching up on posting…and another marathon! Mohawk Hudson River Marathon 10/07

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog(oops), so I’ll try to be a little better about it in the future. Between my last post and the marathon, I actually ran three other races. First there was a 5k in Hartford on 7/12. I ran it in 20:49, more than a minute slower than my PR(It was hot, and there was NO shade, though) Next up, a 5 miler in August on a course that was VERY short. It was a 7 minute PR(31:38), that probably would have been about 4.5 minutes on a full course. And my last tune up race was the New Haven 20k. I ran that one in 1:32:30, and I was happy, since I didn’t feel like that was an all-out effort. Here’s a pic from the end of the 20k:

I had a lot left in the tank at the end of this one. It felt good!

That brings us to the marathon. Where do I begin? I had a rough day. I finished in 3:47:09, a personal worst by about 3.5 minutes. One of my goals(besides a pr) was to do a better job with hydration, and to avoid another trip to the medical tent after the race. I think I went too far in the other direction, though. I had to take SIX BATHROOM BREAKS(maybe more, I think I stopped counting after six)! 5 in the first 15 miles! The other runners must have though I was trying to mark my territory or something. A guy actually came up to me after the race and said he’s never seen someone stop to go that many times(my shoe also came untied at around mile 11, something that’s never happened in these shoes before). And after each stop, I tried to rush to get back on pace, and THAT really killed me in the later miles. I was on pace for a 3:30 finish until around mile 18, when the cramping started. There was a massive downhill that really didn’t help with that either. I thought I could still salvage a PR until the start of mile 23. After I realized there was no chance of a PR, I just wanted to be done. It was a frustrating day, but still another marathon completed, so I can’t be too upset about it. I still feel like I was in sub 3:30 shape, though. Oh well. I’ve actually already signed up for my next full. I’m going back to the New Jersey marathon next May. I’m hoping better preparation, and more experience will lead to a huge PR. My next race will be the Colony Grill Hot Oil 5k on 11/11 in Fairfield(and Alex is doing the Kids run, too). I’m hoping for a new 5k PR (sub 19:41)to close out the year. If I don’t get it there, I’ll give it another shot in December, probably at the Christopher Martin run for Children in New Haven. If I do get it, I might go for the Ted Corbitt 15k in December instead. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! Here’s a pic from the race.

This was around mile 10. I was up to 3 or 4 bathroom breaks by this point, but I still felt good. And I probably heard some yell “Da Bears” at least 30 times during the race!

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