My name is Alfred Hannon. 11 months ago, I started trying to get back in shape. Why? Because I wanted to go skydiving, but my weight at the time(296 lbs!) was well over the 250 limit for anyone who wanted to jump alone. My first attempt to get back in shape was a kettlebell workout. This didn’t go well. After 10 minutes, I thought my chest was going to explode. I decided to try the Wii fit 30 Day Challenge. This was humbling for me, because I’ve always thought of myself as being fairly athletic(I was a multiple sport athlete in high school and college, sort of). I finished the challenge, and then moved on to an elliptical machine(my apartment community has a fitness room). After a couple of months of elliptical machines and Stationary bikes, I moved on to the treadmill. This was around December, and my weight was down to around 265 lbs. The first jog was short, around 1/2 mile, but I went back for more. I gradually increased my distance, and I finally started counting calories. As of today(May 20th) I’m down to 233 lbs, and I still plan to go skydiving eventually, but my goals have changed. I’m six weeks away from my first 5k race(in Fairfield, CT), and my second will be in September(in Newtown, CT). By next summer, I want to run a 10k, and by the end of 2011, a Half-Marathon. By the end of 2012, I want to complete a Marathon. There are two Marathons that I REALLY want to run: Chicago(I grew up in Illinois) and Boston. I want to qualify for Boston BEFORE my 35th Birthday(September, 2013). I’m starting this blog because telling everyone about these goals will hopefully make me less likely to quit. Of course, this blog will be about more than just running(otherwise, I would run out of things to say!). I’m also a devoted husband, father of two, and an aspiring opera singer. My two children take up most of my time right now, but they’re worth every second.


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